Two decades ago a man stood in front of a large rally in Istanbul and read out a few lines of poetry. Soon after, he was arrested and sent to prison for inciting religious hatred. Today, that same man presides over a government that is imprisoning poets, writers and journalists on an industrial scale.


Speaking to three artists who escaped from North Korea

Choi Sung-gook, Sun Mu, and Kang Nara discuss how they defected from the DPRK and the reasons why they left everything behind

Dazed and Confused Magazine

What was the EU doing at the World Humanitarian Summit?

On 23-24 May 2016, the World Humanitarian Summit launched in Istanbul a two-year process that was announced under UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon in 2012 to engage discussions between stakeholders in revitalising international humanitarian efforts with strong support by the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Development.

Newsletter for the European Union

Imagine a World Without Prostitution

An interview with Julie Bindel, one of the best known and most controversial British feminists

Byline Media

Living with disability in North Korea

Defector Ji Seong-ho lost his left hand and foot during the famine of the 1990s. Here, he describes life after the accident and why he felt he had to escape

The Guardian

EU list of safe countries of origin voted by Libe Committee

A new EU list of safe countries of origin  should replace today’s national lists after a three-year transition period, Civil Liberties Committee MEPs agreed on Thursday 07 July 2016.

Newsletter for the European Union

International Pressure on North Korea’s Human Rights Record

On February 7, the 400-page United Nations Commission of Inquiry report on the human rights situation in North Korea disclosed harrowing details of crimes against humanity such as rape, torture, infanticide, forced labor, starvation, execution, and other atrocities, mostly committed in the political prison camp systems. 

International Public Policy Review - UCL

The importance of language skills in human rights work

Consider: language. Disputing against the practicality and utility of knowing another language is arduous enough in today’s globalizing world, yet it is also a common factoid that not everyone is “made for” language acquisition.

Human Rights Careers

N. Korea submits official UN complaint over assassination film

Expert says UN support for free speech 'not absolute'; may condemn 'hate speech'

NK News

Liberty in North Korea: Can you ‘accelerate change’ from the outside?

Group saves refugees, wants to “accelerate change,” but some question its priorities

NK News

N. Korean leadership highlighting flood damage prevention

Media coverage, official statements precede start of rainy season typically coming in summer

NK News

North’s National Defence Commission offers improved ties with South

The North's National Defense Commission has proposal for the improvement of inter-Korean relations rebuffed by South Korea

NK News

Buddhists from both Koreas pray for unification

Korean Buddhists gather annually; this meeting marks anniversary of Manhae nirvana

NK News

Pyongyang football school opens to foreign tourists

Schools preps for future competitions by training nation's best pre-teen, early teen players

NK News

N. Korea’s Arirang a ‘half-smartphone’: paper

Initial scathing expert reviews target phone's derivative apps, useless Internet browser

NK News

Indoctrination intensifies to counter outside influence: source

Arrest, sentencing of South Korean missionary for espionage may have been pretext to stiffen ideological control

NK News

Family of deceased Japanese visit North Korea

Trips may be timed to emphasize improving relations between two ahead of meeting next week

NK News

World Food Programme says sharp cuts in N. Korean food aid coming

Shortage of international aid means fewer meals for children and nursing mothers

NK News

Foreign Trade Ministry merged, renamed Ministry of External Economic Affairs

Little information given in state media, but experts suggest continued fallout from Jang purge

NK News

Measles outbreak confirmed in North Korea

Outbreak confirmed, but no request for UNICEF assistance

NK News

Event encourages student engagement in N. Korean liberty

First annual LiNK Summit draws 200 attendees to California to discuss future of North Korean human rights

NK News

‘Sincere’ North Korean concern for disabled questioned

Daily NK suggests recent efforts to help those with disabilities another effort at obtaining hard currency

NK News

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The Best of Spring in Berlin

As winter cedes its way to spring, Berlin graces yet again the season of renewal with a refreshing variety of concerts and premieres.


Best coworking spaces in Berlin you need to be at right now

Sometimes your home is your haven. Sometimes it’s simply the most distracting place to do your work. We’ve all been there.


The Grandeur of Valencia’s Opera House

Nestled between Barcelona and Andalusia along the southeastern coast of Spain, Valencia meets the Mediterranean sea as a beautiful port city steeped in layers of rich culture. 


2017-18 Season Openings and Highlights

As summer comes to an end, step forward into a crisp autumn with the fantastic new 2017-2018 season at the world’s best concert halls and opera houses. 


Oslo Opera House: Music Emerging from the Sea

Located right at the harbor, the angled white exterior of Oslo’s Opera House appears to rise from the water, inviting visitors to not only to climb its roof and enjoy panoramic views of the city and the fjord, but to also take in a world-class opera, ballet or concert program.


Arena di Verona: Discover the Legendary Opera Festival

Over the past 2000 years, the Arena di Verona has captivated visitors. Home to the oldest opera festival in the world, the stunning Roman amphitheater built in 30 AD hosts the Arena di Verona Festival once again this summer.


The New Season of the Paris Opera

Once again, the prestigious Opéra national de Paris offers a season of the highest level with new productions and major classics of the repertoire, starring some of the most admired conductors, singers and musicians of the classical world. 


Bologna, UNESCO City of Music

The Bologna Festival offers the perfect opportunity to right this wrong and to familiarize oneself with the artistic depth of the first Italian city honored as a UNESCO Creative City of Music.


An Italian Lyrical Journey

Search for the soundtrack of the Italian summer and you will surely find opera. 


Nights in the Gardens of Spain

From open-air festivals to intimate flamenco performances, enjoy classical and traditional concerts the perfect way with cool summer nights in the treasured venues of Spain.


Leonard Bernstein at 100

To commemorate the 100th birthday celebration of Leonard Bernstein, the beloved and legendary composer, conductor and musician, concert houses around the world bring you performances showcasing his lifetime masterpieces.


Experience the Classic Charm of Andermatt

Nestled between the Swiss Alps in the most idyllic surroundings, the pastoral town Andermatt hosts an intimately charming and highly-anticipated festival from June 25 to July 1 – the Andermatt Swiss Alps Classics


Springtime Celebrations in Budapest

Experience Budapest in the springtime surrounded by live music, dance, theater, and visual art events. To first-time visitors and locals alike, the Hungarian capital seems to be overflowing with cultural attractions, from outdoor musical performances to elegant concert halls, jazz cafes or art museums


Music returns to the Opéra Comique

Opera returns at last to this historical Parisian opera company. On February 12, the Opéra Comiquepresents Fantasio by Offenbach, the first new production of its (re)opening season, and after two years of intense renovations, the reopening of its historical venue, the Salle Favart, will be on April 26 with Alcione by Marin Marais.


Carnival in Venice

From February 11 to 28, step away from the winter blues and into the magic of the Venice Carnival. The Carnival — il Carnevale di Venezia — fills the beautiful “floating” lagoon city with tourists and locals alike, parading in costumes and masks for a traditional celebration dating back to the 12th century. 


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